A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made for Ludum Dare 39

Our game takes place in an old beaten down (and highly experimental) power plant. 

Here we find and play as our good pal, Dr. Watt-son. (Sorry, not sorry.) 

Our job here is to manage this highly effective but extremely unstable power plant.

Orange goo - Left pipe:

Some kind of strange Orange goo, plasma maybe? We don’t know and we do not ask.. It goes into the reactor and we get power! Neat, huh?

Gray goo - Middle pipe:

Because of the strange power goo, some weird machine started making strange noises.. Something called a geig..gagameter? no? geigo.. well! nevermind! We just have to chug some of the gray goo from the middle pipe into the reactor to stay safe for a while longer!

Blue stuff - Right pipe:

This strange reactor gets hot, I know! its suuuuper strange! Anyway, open the valves to drown it in water. That keeps it cool for a minute or so.. maybe.

Install instructions

You got this, I have faith in you.


Linux.rar 26 MB
Power Plant Simulator.app.zip 30 MB
Power Plant Simulator.rar 12 MB

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