A downloadable game for Windows

Team BroRawr's first Ludum Dare ever!

I want to start by thanking everyone of you for leaving nice comments and genreally making our first Ludum Dare a joyful experience!

Stress and panic aside, me and my teammate, Granlord, really pushed ourselves to our limits with this one.
Halfway in we scrapped one project and changed the whole core concept of the game and went from pixelart to 3D (a field I'm not so comfortable with tbh..)
All things considered, I am glad we changed approach and went for the 3D route.
This way we can more effectively tell the story we want to share with you :)

Ok, So the general idea with this game is:
Humans are gone, everything is run by machines, you are under the control of the FryNet™.
You play as a hen, waiting on a large treadmill with your buddies to enter what you think is "The room that leads to happiness".
However, right before your turn, the doors glitch out and you witness all the horrors going on behind these walls.
This is where you decide to break free and fight the system!

Due to our limited time we never got to tell this story in game.
The player starts off right after the hen breaks free and gets her wings on a grenade launcher. (I know, awesome, right?! :D)
She is now in the lower levels of the building where the overlord of FryNet sends manager bots after her!

We found inspiration from:
*Doom - Music and FPS feel
*Stanley Parable - Humour
*Portal - Humour

Tools we used:
*Adobe Creative Suite

These are some bugs I have noticed since I posted this build:
*Bots are stacking when spawning
*Bots lights are not triggering properly, should be red only when targeting player
*Bots voicelines are gone, dafuq?
*Difficulty is broken, only hard works atm.. (Dont worry its not that hard)
*Gui is a little bit squished

Examples of missing bot voicelines:

We are very open to criticism, we entered this competition to grow as a studio and to learn, regardless of our results.. I think we have :)

I am sorry Linux/Mac people, my programmer is fast asleep (he worked like a real champ these last hours <3).
Downloads to other OS's will therefore be up tomorrow!
Same goes for a Web build!

Oh, btw..
We will go back and complete this game after the event!

-Bejk and Granlord


ThisRoom.rar 15 MB


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I enjoyed the game, it was fun. I completed the game in 43 seconds, I could've completed it earlier, but I wanted to destroy all the machines. It would be nice if you add more levels to your game.

This is intense and this is crazy and I super fail at it :)